Exigent 42 Protein (2kg)
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Exigent 42 Protein (2kg)

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This is a feed of Royal Canin aimed at adults with capricious and demanding appetite cats. Special attention has been on the content of proteins, which provide a special feeling in the post-digestión, preferred by many cats.

To satisfy the natural preferences of each cat, even the most capricious, Royal Canin has developedthree solutions nutritional exclusive to cats demanding. Each product has a special and distinctive sensory orientation (aroma, taste and post-digestivo stimulus), but always respetenado all the criteria of palatability

Protein preference, with its specific proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, is a complete nutritional response for demanding cats. Post-digestiva is a distinctive factor in the choice of a food. Each cat plays the sensations after digesting food according to their individual preference.

But what stands out is its proportion of nutrients, Protein preference also meets the other criteria of palatability (aroma, taste and texture). A single response with an excellent palatability!