Liquid Snack Duck & Beta-Glucans (90g)
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Liquid Snack Duck & Beta-Glucans (90g)

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Vitakraft Cat Liquid-Snack Duck & ß-Glucans is a really tasty treat for your cat that tastes pure. You can feed it straight from the tube, put some on your finger for the cat to lick off, or add it to their meals as a supplement. It can also help pickier eaters to get used to new foods. It has a gel-like consistency that cats love, but it is still free from artificial flavorings, preservatives and coloring's.

The added beta-glucans can help to strengthen your cat’s immune system. The eco-friendly cardboard packaging contains six individually sealed snacks, making this a very functional treat that still tastes great and gives your cat a real feeling of being spoiled.


Liquid cat snack
For between meals or as a supplement to the main food, to help to make the food more acceptable
Beta-glucans can support the immune system
Low calorie
No artificial coloring's, flavorings or preservatives
Creamy consistency that cats really enjoy
Individually packaged in 6 separate portions