Mini Digestive Care (Sensible) 1Kg
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Mini Digestive Care (Sensible) 1Kg

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The formula of the dog food Royal Canin Mini Digestive Care is designed with all the necessary nutrients for optimal digestive health. It is particularly suitable for adult dogs from 10 months and small (1 kg to 10 kg) with digestive sensitivity. Digestive disorders result in soft or liquid stools and very smelly.

This dog food contains proteins L.I.P. Royal Canin, high assimilation and highly digestible, which improve stool consistency. It also includes a selection of fibers and prebiotics (FOS) that contribute to maintaining a healthy intestinal flora. The texture of the croquettes and aromas contained in this I think it a very palatable food, even for the most discerning palates.

Royal Canin Mini feed Digestive Care also takes care of health and oral hygiene of your pet. The shape of its croquettes and calcium chelating agents help to remove plaque from the teeth, so common in small breed dogs. The recipe for this tasty and digestible think has all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed to meet the nutritional needs of these dogs.

Royal Canin is a brand of high quality food for cats and dogs. Experts working there studying each stage of life of these animals to meet their needs and prepare nutritious feed adapted to each of them. They choose the highest quality premium to prepare all your recipes and thus contribute to animal welfare matters.


Food for small dogs from 10 months with digestive sensitivity.L.I.P. contains protein, high assimilation and highly digestible.It includes prebiotics (FOS) and fibers that help maintain the intestinal flora.Appetizing thanks to the texture of the croquettes and food flavorings.Oral hygiene care and meets the nutritional needs of dogs.


Completely dry for dogs of small breeds (1 kg to 10 kg) from 10 months of age, who have digestive sensitivity.